【press release】Flying Ship Studio announces the joint production of its first original series ‘Chiruta’, with UK animation studio Cloth Cat Animation.

Flying Ship Studio announces the joint production of its first original series ‘Chiruta’, with UK animation studio Cloth Cat Animation.

Chiruta is an animation series for pre-schoolers aged 2 to 4, set in a mossy, ethereal village deep in a forest that remains invisible to the human eye. We follow Chiruta, a young, mischievous woodland gnome as she goes about her peaceful, idyllic life with her family and friends, helping to protect her forest home. Of course, life doesn’t always go as planned. When a challenge arises, together with her lovely companions, Chiruta finds ways to overcome it. Through these experiences, she learns and grows each day.


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From February 2021, Flying Ship Studio will be promoting Chiruta at Kidscreen Summit Virtual 2021, where they participate as a part of Japan Delegation, which is organized by VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization), with support from METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Flying Ship Studio first exhibited Chiruta at the Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix held in February 2019 and was chosen as a Top Prize Winner. With the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Flying Ship Studio participated in the World’s Largest Animation Fair ‘MIFA’ (Marché international du film d’animation) which was co-sponsored at the 2019 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. Cloth Cat Animation was introduced to Flying Ship Studio at Annecy and they decided to begin the joint production soon after.


Flying Ship Studio’s Director Mr. Numaguchi (Masa Numaguchi), said: ‘The idea for Chiruta started when I fell in love with my friend Yuichiro Matsunaga’s sculptured doll, and I knew I wanted to make an animation with these characters. I remember how strongly I was touched by his kindness and his love for nature and people when I saw his work for the first time. Jon, who is the Managing Director of Cloth Cat Animation, has had an affection for Chiruta since he read the project, and has given us great support so far. This will be the first time that we work with an overseas company, I am very pleased to be able to work with Cloth Cat Animation to create an animation with these characters that I myself have fell in love with.’


Jon Rennie, Managing Director of Cloth Cat Animation, commented: ‘I’m really looking forward collaborating with Masa and Flying Ship to bring Chiruta to life as an animation series. Not only do the characters have a wonderful joy and energy, but they also represent a unique culture from Japan that mirrors the Celtic mythology of Wales. There are lots of folk tales about protectors of the forest, and Chiruta is an original spin on that magic and mystery. ‘


For further information on this release please contact Flying Ship Studio Producer Emmy Ozawa




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Flying Ship Studio Ltd is a company that produces a variety of visual works, including TV animations, theatre animations, commercials, and promotion videos, with a focus on 3DCG, aiming to create “impressive and valuable works that bring the greatest impact on people’s lives.”

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About Cloth Cat Animation


Cloth Cat Animation is an award winning studio and the largest animation production company in Wales. They are renowned developers and co-production partners currently working on a number of highly successful global brands. Based in central Cardiff, they have the facilities and expertise to take projects from development to international delivery with in-house creative talent and high-end technical support. Complimenting their strong creative skills, the studio boasts an innovative pipeline and track-based production management with a local server. 4K pipeline capability with solutions for onsite reviewing and delivery. High quality and scalable render farm with 500+ Cores.