Chiruta & Chanlula

Our story is set in a beautiful mossy forest. Chiruta and Chanlula live here.
Every day, Chanlula tells a story about her friends who used to live in the mossy forest.
Many of them are a bit strange, but all the stories are fun.
Chiruta loves hearing these stories, but the stories have another, secret purpose: to teach Chiruta the wisdom she needs in the future, and to help her fulfill the great task that awaits her.
This series is a story about growth of life, set in a secret mossy forest.
“Good morning!” here comes Chiruta! What kind of story will Chanlula tell her today?

Target Audience: Children Ages 4 to 7
Current Status: 1 Finished Pilot Episode + 40 Episode Synopsis Currently Being Produced
Episode Length: 3 to 7 Minutes Per Episode
(Two individual episodes can be combined into a single larger episode if necessary.)
Animation Method: 3DCG Animation (4K Broadcast Ready)